Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How We Destroy Lives Today | Will the Covington Catholic High School fiasco change social media?

I pray, for the sake of common decency, that we will collectively try more to treat others with the same patience and respect we desire for ourselves and our loved ones. No matter how much our country has become course and uncivilized, we should not rush to judgment merely based on whatever video clips (taken out of context) we are fed. There are those who are eager to condemn others merely based on their appearance or attire. How would we like it if we were the ones that wore a hat that someone disliked and our families then faced death threats. We shouldn't be suckered into condemning others, especially minors, merely because their skin color and hat triggers a sense that they are sub-human and not worthy of finding out what the facts are. We live in a hyper-connected world in which those with an agenda and those who create click bait are seemingly holding all the cards. But, they do only if we let them. I know we're all busy people. But, remember "Innocent until proven guilty." The next time we hear some news that causes us to be outraged, please take a deep breath and seek out various sources of news before any more of this nonsense ensues. And, please, no more rushing to judgment, no more telling people to punch or kill people. It makes you look like a fool. We're better than that!

Read this great article by New York Times opinion columnist David Brooks:

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