Friday, March 18, 2005

Say Whaaaat?

Well, it looks like Scott Peterson has been sentenced to death, but Robert Blake has been found not guilty. How could this be? After
all, there doesn't seem to have been any witnesses or any concrete (no pun
intended) evidence for either of them.

If anything, Blake's purported discussions regarding "hitmen"
seems to be more damning than anything Peterson did, although Peterson
certainly had coincidental and suspicious behavior. Or maybe it was the O.J.
mentality in which a "star" (used in the loosest sense, although I
was a big Baretta fan) cannot be convicted.

I think the only logical explanation is that Scott Peterson seemed like a cad and a
scoundrel and Laci and Connor were the obvious,
innocent victims.

Conversely, while Robert Blake also came off as somewhat of a scoundrel (although a
bumbling buffoon of a scoundrel), Bonnie Lee was the epitome of an individual
undeserving of sympathy. Not that her unsavory behavior warranted her murder,
but what can you do?

The bottom line is, would it not have been easier for both of these
"gentlemen" (or should I say, Scott, since he is the one convicted)
to have sought out the services of their favorite attorney competent in divorce
and family law, than to go this twisted and demented route? It makes you wonder
what is in the minds of some people, doesn't it.

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